VANCITY BUZZ – 5 reasons why you should care about B.C.’s next big industry

11:08 PM PDT, FRI JULY 10, 2015

We’re stripping you and your world down. Not literally, you pervert. Energy makes the world go ‘round, and we’re not talking about chugging-down caffeine to stay conscious in an 8 a.m. lecture.

This is part-three in our four part series. So far, we’ve featured the natural resources that keep you clean and keep you connected. This time, it’s a little different: we’ll be highlighting an industry that’s on its way to becoming a powerhouse in B.C.

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VANCOUVER SUN – Opinion: First Nations communities rising to the challenge of resource projects

JULY 7, 2015

Resource development companies across British are making major proposals that collectively have the potential to reshape our province. To move ahead, each of these must clear a rigorous set of government-driven environmental approvals.

Just as important, these projects must also reach agreements with First Nations. This has always been the case, but for companies seeking certainty in the wake of a recent landmark Supreme Court ruling — the William decision, which for the first time recognized Aboriginal Title — these agreements are more important than ever before.

This is a positive development for First Nations people across British Columbia in many ways. First Nations have a deep and historic connection to the land, and it is important for our values to be reflected when decisions are being made about major projects.

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