Meet the team: Tiffany Murray, Vice President, External Affairs

We talk with Tiffany about her role overseeing Steelhead LNG’s community and regulatory team and how Steelhead is developing its proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in a way that is aligned with local community values.

As the Vice President, External Affairs, Tiffany’s role is to work with Steelhead LNG’s community team, First Nations and local communities, as well as our regulatory team for environmental and other permitting processes.

Getting into communities at an early stage is one of the most important aspects of project development; Tiffany ensures Steelhead LNG understands the values, interests and concerns of a community so that we develop our proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in a way that is aligned with community values.

Why do you do what you do?

I do this because I truly believe in sustainable development and the opportunity companies have to develop projects that meaningfully contribute to communities.

After finishing my Master’s degree, I had an opportunity to work in Libera with a non-profit working on an agricultural community development project. During that time, I saw a lot of industry and communities who were getting it all wrong, and felt there was a real opportunity to come home to Canada and work for industry to help shape the policies, programs and approach to reflect a fair, sustainable, and community-centered way of doing business, and that’s why I joined Steelhead LNG.

From the top of our leadership team, it was demonstrated that sustainable development and early community involvement was a core value, and I saw that this is a company that’s willing to work in ways that other companies weren’t willing to do, and a place where I could make a real difference.

What is Steelhead LNG’s approach working collaboratively with First Nations? How does your approach differ to other project proponents in B.C.?

Our approach to working with First Nations is fundamental to the core values of Steelhead LNG as a company. After the company was founded, the first thing we did after looking at potential sites on the coast of British Columbia was approach host First Nations to see if they were in interested in developing a project with us. As a result, Steelhead LNG was able to establish a relationship based on respect and the shared interest of developing a project that reflects community values.

Doing the right thing means working together with First Nations and local communities, and we are fortunate to have a leadership team who really respects and values these relationships and partnerships, as well as how important this is to doing business in British Columbia.

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