Steelhead LNG is a Vancouver-based energy company focused on LNG project development in British Columbia. Our experience includes guiding some of the world’s leading energy companies and projects, with commercial and technical expertise that spans the entire LNG value chain. From project concept to product delivery, we’re committed to responsibly creating and delivering value for the communities, suppliers and customers we serve.

Steelhead LNG (or “We”) believes British Columbia’s emerging LNG sector has the potential to create a wide range of long-term benefits for the province and its people, and we operate in a way that reflects the commitments and foundations on which our company was created:

A BC-First Company: Today, our company, our people and our projects are all BC-based. As a result, our philosophy, our approach and our decisions are based on what’s best for British Columbia.

LNG Expertise: Our executive team has created and led some of the world’s largest, most successful and environmentally responsible natural gas and LNG projects. We are committed to applying and sharing our global experience and expertise with British Columbians to develop and grow our LNG sector.

Building Canadian Capacity: We believe Canadians have the entrepreneurial, educational and natural resources to become world leaders in the responsible development of LNG. We are committed to helping Canadians develop the financial, organizational and technical capacity to achieve that goal.

Environment: British Columbia’s greatest resource is the land that has sustained its people for millennia. Our commitment to the land and waters in which we operate is transparent, unwavering and science-based.

Community Engagement: Communities have an important role to play in decisions that affect them. Our engagement with local communities and stakeholders is ongoing, open and transparent.

First Nations: BC First Nations have an important role to play in natural resource development projects across the province. We are committed to respectful and meaningful relationships that provide long-term benefits for BC’s Aboriginal people.

Employment Opportunities: We are committed to developing and providing rewarding training and employment opportunities for British Columbians.

Social Benefits: We are committed to helping British Columbia realize the enormous potential of LNG to provide significant investments in health, education and other public programs.

Accessing markets: We are committed to helping Canadian natural gas producers access international markets and fair prices for their products.

Return on Investment: As a BC-based company unhampered by commitments to worldwide projects or non-LNG energy sectors, we use our focused and flexible approach to provide partners and customers with a fair and timely return on their investment.

Growing BC Businesses: Our investment in BC includes generating opportunities for BC-based businesses providing engineering, construction, accommodation, marine, transportation and other LNG sector-related services.

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