BRITISH COLUMBIA NEWSROOM – OPINION-EDITORIAL: The cleanest LNG facilities in the world

By Mary Polak
Minister of Environment

VICTORIA – The Memorandum of Understanding our government signed last week with Pacific NorthWest LNG moves us one step closer to ensuring British Columbia will have a new, vibrant liquefied natural gas industry, and the thousands of jobs it will bring.

Importantly, we’re also making sure we will have the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.

Our clean LNG can make a global difference, by helping developing nations like China and India displace dirty fuels. China has set a goal of almost doubling the role of natural gas in its energy portfolio by 2020, while displacing coal use. This increased use of natural gas could avoid up to 133 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year in China. That’s twice B.C.’s entire, annual GHG emissions output. Our natural gas could play a critical role in helping China reduce its use of coal-fired electricity, all the while providing the reassurance that when someone in China turns up their stove with B.C.’s natural gas, they’ll know it’s the cleanest in the world.

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