The proposed Project is estimated to have many economic benefits for the Alberni Valley, Barkley Sound, and British Columbia as a whole. The proposed Project would lead to substantial job creation and growth in the local and regional economy.

Expected economic benefits of the proposed LNG Project include:
There are many different types of jobs that the proposed Project would require during the construction and operations phases, including:
• trades positions (gasfitters, electricians, welders)
• engineers
• equipment operators
• technicians
• security
• administrative positions

Additionally, the proposed Project would generate significant spin-off jobs and business opportunities in many sectors, including:
• hospitality
• recreation
• tourism
• transportation
• catering
• other service sectors

This includes local spin-off jobs with restaurants, schools, medical providers, grocery stores, hotels, other service providers, for example, which would provide sustained investment in the Vancouver Island and British Columbia economies for 25 years or more.

Throughout the development of the proposed Project, Steelhead LNG and Huu-ay-aht First Nations will share information with potentially affected Aboriginal groups and the public to learn about the types of training that would be required for positions in the LNG industry.

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