Project Location:
The proposed Kwispaa LNG Project would be located on Huu-ay-aht-owned land at Nuumaqimyiis Bay (also known as Sarita Bay), about 10 kilometres northeast of Bamfield, and about 70 kilometres southwest of Port Alberni in Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island, BC.

After examining dozens of potential sites along the coast of BC, this site was selected as one of the best in the province for an LNG facility partially due to its easy access to the Pacific, flat topography, deep water, and natural protection in the bay.

Proposed LNG facility site at Sarita Bay on Vancouver Island

Proposed LNG facility site at Nuumaqimyiis Bay on Vancouver Island


Sarita Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Proposed LNG facility site at Nuumaqimyiis Bay on Vancouver Island

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