VANCOUVER SUN – Are Canadians ready to start the LNG show?

LNG is centre stage at a conference this week in Vancouver


LNG once again takes centre stage this week as the B.C. government welcomes energy players from around the world to the International LNG in BC Conference. When it comes to LNG, a number of LNG proponents have reached key milestones required for a final investment decision. It got me thinking: what will the world learn about LNG in B.C., and Canada, at this week’s conference?

Despite how it might initially look, there are actually a lot of good stories to be told about LNG in B.C. and Canada.

Firstly, we can meet demand. Canada has one of the largest natural gas resources in the world, which will enhance our current rank as the fifth largest gas producer and as one of the top natural gas exporters in the world. Secondly, our location, in B.C. positions us closer to key international markets like China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries; which means we can get our product to market faster and less expensively than others. The U.S., for example, faces a longer route and a transportation bottleneck at the Panama Canal for its Gulf Coast LNG.

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